The LA Flower Mart

by robert coute on January 22, 2010

A visit to the Los Angeles Flower District located in downtown Los Angeles is a must for all flower lovers.  Fresh cut flowers, fillers, greenery and supplies are sold to florists, floral designers, event planners, decorators and to the public.  There are also live potted and exotic orchid plants.

The flower district is composed of the following markets:  San Julian Flower Market, Los Angeles Flower Mall, California Flower Market, Southern California Flower Market, Los Angeles Flower Market, Market City Flowers.  The flower district area is composed of  Maple Street,  Wall Street between 7th and 9th Streets.   There are also independent florists located on San Pedro Street and large craft stores are within the district.  Parking is very convenient with a parking structure on Maple Street, open air parking lots and street parking is available too.  The hours of operation varies to the wholesalers versus the general public at the Los Angeles Flower District.  Most markets open early and close early.

A walk along the surrounding streets, you will find smaller florists with a variety of arrangements on displays for weddings, funerals and just because for the special day or one in your life.  Each of the florist’s carries a variety of flowers and fillers and some are more unique than others.  There are a few larger stores that carry live and exotic plants and containers.

In the flower markets, there are many vendors that compete for your business.  Most of the vendors just sell flowers whereas there are ones that just sell glass and ceramic containers.   The best way to purchase flowers is to compare the quality and the price of flowers with a couple of vendors.  There are some higher and lower prices for the same flowers.  I averaged the price of the flowers and made offers.  I feel the best price is the price you are willing pay for the flowers and do not forget to go early for the best selection.

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